“TXTurizing” or “stippling” a firearm is probably one of the most beneficial grip/frame enhancements that can be done to everything from a duty pistol to a competition pistol to even your daily conceal carry weapon. Here at TXT Custom Gun Works, our goal is to provide that enhanced grip that will always give you that solid purchase on your firearm and prevent any type of slipping while shooting. The TXTurize process is not just about melting the polymer frames on your firearm though, we take time in each frame and make sure that not only do you have the added benefit of the stippling but you have the clean professional look of a firearm straight off the assembly line.  We also do not just stop with stippling a frame, we will do grip reductions, double undercuts, the TXT Thumb Shelf and now reducing the area around the trigger to prevent “dragging wood” while pulling the trigger.Each pistol is done specifically to the shooters needs but we offer a few packages and styles that will give each person some ideas on what direction they want to go for a custom grip.

The Complete Glock Enhancement Package aka the “ASHPRO”


The Complete Glock Enhancement Package or the “ASHPRO” was recently added to the options offered through TXT and is a culmination of what do you not like about the feel of a standard Glock and how can we make it better. It comes with several stock enhancements and two different stipple patterns a medium stipple or a very fine stipple which is slightly less aggressive but also won’t eat away clothing or skin when carried concealed.

The modifications include:

  • 360 degree stipple (either medium or fine) that has been slightly recessed into the grip giving almost a cut out border.
  • Slight grip reduction
  • Finger Groove Reduction
  • Double Undercut
  • Indexing areas
  • TXT Thumb Shelf
  • Frame reduction to the rear of the trigger to reduce “dragging wood”

*Options can be added or removed depending on what you want.


The TXT “Original”


The TXT “Original” is the style that I have basically been using since the start of my customization of Glock pistols. The frame is completely sanded and made to feel very ergonomic in the hand with a fine stipple that is perfect for the competitive shooter or if this is your everyday carry. There is nothing fancy about the Original, it is just a simple enhancement that increases the performance of your firearm.

The modifications include:

  • 360 degree very fine stipple
  • Slight grip reduction
  • Finger Groove Reduction
  • Single or Double Undercut
  • Indexing areas
  • TXT Thumb Shelf (optional)
  • Frame reduction to the rear of the trigger to reduce “dragging wood” (optional)
  • Chopping the frame to fit a shorter mag. (17 to 19 or 19 to 26) (optional)


Other Firearms


Unlike some of my competitors, I am not going to restrict my customer base to certain manufacturers, if it is a solid polymer framed pistol or has polymer grips, I will be happy to enhance the frames and grips for you. Now certain things I am limited on but we will do the best to get you taken care of.

Other firearms/products that I have previously worked on include:

  • Smith and Wesson M&P and Shields
  • Walther PPQ
  • Ruger LCP, SR9
  • Sig Pro 2022
  • Polymer 1911 Grip panels
  • AR-15 Pistol Grips and FVG
  • AK-74 Pistol Grip and Handgaurd
  • Magpul PMags
  • Rifle/Shotgun Stocks
This list is not a limitation, if you have something not listed above we can discuss what I can do to enhance your pistol.